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Who can be EGF member?

Any organization that operates an online gaming business or provides technical, marketing, legal or other services to online gaming operators is eligible for EGF membership. In addition, policy makers, individuals, online gaming experts and enthusiasts can also apply for EGF membership. EGF has the sole right to accept or reject any application for membership.

Can I become an individual member of EGF?

Yes, if you are a game enthusiast, student, social activist or game blogger, and are of 18 years and above. You can participate in the events organized by EGF, be active on our social media platforms and can subscribe to our newsletters.

How to become a member?

Please click on the ‘membership’ button and it will take you to the application form. You will have to leave your details and our representative will get in touch with you.

FAQ's for Players/Users
What is responsible playing?

‘Responsible Playing’ is a business philosophy that is being followed by online gaming operators, to ensure their offerings uphold the highest standards to ensure a fair and safe gaming and business experience that protects players from the adverse consequences indulging in gameplay beyond their means or for excessive periods of time. In addition, online gaming operators should exercise player protection guidelines.

EGFS enforces online gaming operators should have self-exclusion measures, play limits and a program to counsel and advise players displaying aberrant behaviour. Chasing losses should be strongly discouraged and players should be encouraged to have a healthy mix of entertainment options. Minors should be discouraged from playing for stakes and therefore appropriate KYC measures should be put in place by the online gaming operators.

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